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Next meeting is Saturday, July 14, 2018, 1-3:30pm (3 weeks from today).

New attendees: Click here for the easiest directions via 73 Fwy.

The Nihongo o Hanasukai(日本語を話す会) was originally established in Orange County(currently based in Irvine) by Mrs. Gamou(formerly a Japanese teacher at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa) and Mr. Burton for those who wish to socialize with the Japanese speaking community as a means to exercise and broaden their Japanese language skills. The Nihongo o Hanasukai is currently in development to assist those looking for language-exchange(i.e., Japanese seeking native American friends). If you are interested in spending a few hours a month to improve your Japanese or to find a language-exchange partner, please review our meeting schedule and pay us a visit!

'18 HCR Shougatsu

'17 HCR Shougatsu

'16 HCR Shougatsu

'15 HCR Shougatsu

'14 HCR Shougatsu

'13 Irvine Lagoon

New attendees: Whether you have studied a course in Japanese or are already fluent, we encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to socialize in Japanese with us. Since our community is comprised of non-Japanese, Japanese, and Japanese-Americans, you can find your comfort zone in practicing at your own pace.

This website has been established and is being maintained by AoiTori; it is here to introduce prospective members about our meetings and special meet-ups as well as to simply establish our community online to share information regarding upcoming and past events. If you have any questions about the Nihongo o Hanasukai or simply have any suggestions, please e-mail info@hanasukai.com. *If you enjoy our meetings and wish to help further our development, please spread the word!

'12 Irvine Lagoon

'11 December

'11 Irvine Lagoon

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