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 Japanese movie @ Irvine(2/2/2008) - Posted By AoiTori on 01/20/08 15:27.04
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To all who are interested in Japanese films:

Fudeko & the Angel's Piano(2006) will be showing Saturday, February 2nd at Starplex Cinemas Woodbridge Movies 5 in Irvine, 12:30 and 17:00. Tickets are $15/General $10/Child or Student or Senior. Starring Takako Tokiwa, "This award-winning movie was the most talked about movie in Japan."

Please click here for the full flyer details.

 AoiTori's Personal Thread - Posted By AoiTori on 09/12/06 08:48.04
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This is my personal thread space. (It may or may not be related to the Hanasukai, but you may read up if you're interested anyway.)
 Japanese Culture Fair@Woodbridge Village - Posted By AoiTori on 09/04/06 01:18.44
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 OC japanese.meetup.com migration! - Posted By AoiTori on 08/31/06 22:01.16
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For those who have been trying to find out what has happened to the OC Japanese Meetup(japanese.meetup.com) group, we are trying to migrate everyone to the new yahoo! group that is supposed to relieve us from paying the dreaded monthly dues.

Please click the following and join up with us at OCJLanguage_Group!

 Japanese Art: Textiles & Poetry - Posted By AoiTori on 08/27/06 18:45.06
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IVC で Japanese Art: Textiles and Poetry  というイベントがあります。

4時半から、石井先生の 着物 デモンストレーションで、
6時半から、 RECEPTION です。

Gallery Hours: Wed to Fri 12-6 PM or by appt.
949-451-5404, sfasele@ivc.edu
Information contributed by Yoshie
 Email Spam Reports - Posted By AoiTori on 05/17/06 16:16.28
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Spam or phishing occurrences will be posted here. They are absolutely not condoned by the "Nihongo o Hanasukai." Most of these instances seem to originate from a spam mail server in Japan. If you have received spam mail that seems to be originated at this website, please contact info@hanasukai.com with the spam mail in it's entirety or report the case yourself, noting the ORIGINAL MAIL SERVER, not the email address, since the spammers are spoofing our email address.
 Japanese Businesses in Orange County - Posted By AoiTori on 04/01/06 23:55.08
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Please post any recommended local business information to keep the community conscious about the local Japanese businesses, big and small. Thanks!
 Free Japanese Software, etc. - Posted By AoiTori on 01/18/06 17:54.34
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Japanese-wares for your desktop, laptop, pocket pc.
 2005 Japan Photos 100% COMPLETE - Posted By AoiTori on 10/29/05 00:59.48
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I will post all photos here with NEXT and BACK buttons, so then you all can share your comments or ask questions on a per "slide" basis. I've finally added all my notes and uploaded 323 photos from my final Japan trip. *Warning: one viewing may take a few days if you read all my comments, so get into the habit of bookmarking if you're going to. Otherwise, have fun..!

Click here to view in album mode(1 photo per load).
 2005 Japan Trip ... ! - Posted By AoiTori on 10/03/05 22:36.46
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I'll be posting info here from time to time during my trip...
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