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 Posted on
 07/23/05 10:46.06
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Post topics on PCs, Cell phones, other technology here.
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 Posted on
 12/03/06 12:18.18
 My 10-min Black Friday Collage
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Here's my 10-min Black Friday Collage (@ Fry's Electronics of course!) Black Friday is more-or-less an American Tradition when alot of items in various stores are ridiculously marked down, but you need to be at the store extremely early to grab the best deals. I got up at 4:50am that morning just to discover that alot of people there have already been camping out in front of the Fry's Electronics store in Anaheim.

I was able to grab two 2-Gigabyte Flash Cards for $10 dollars each!

 Posted on
 03/31/06 23:17.33
 Get Headsets for your Cell phones!
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 Posted on
 12/08/05 19:28.10
 Flash cards, CF, MMC, SD
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Something I didn't know before but want to share to those who enjoy taking digital pictures or swapping files on storage devices that are based on flash-technology.

What I had found out is that these cards apparently have "limited reusability." It means that, depending on your usage frequency, one day you will need to throw out your CF, SD, MMC, USB Memory stick because of wear and tear~just as in the old days when we had to throw out floppy disks because they're no longer readable/writable. I'd once thought that I'd be able to reuse these cards over and over but alas, flash-technology hasn't been perfected.

Why is this so, you might ask? For your camera to store picture data into your flash card, the card stores a bunch of electrons that correspond to the image. The storage process requires an oxide insulation layer to hold the charge. Whenever you erase data on your card(i.e., deleting a bad photo), the insulation oxide material slightly degrades. Eventually, parts of the card will not be able to hold any more charges. If your camera is smart enough and your card begins to wear down, it would NOT complain that the card is bad if it can still find some space that is still usable.

How many times can you reuse the card? Assuming that one cycle is to fill up and delete the card completely(copying 1GB of pictures on a 1GB card then deleting it), the card will fail to store data properly after 10,000 times. If your card is the newer type that uses a different gate technology, you have up to 1,000,000 times.

How should you be using your flash card to prolong its life? Take pictures normally and only use the card to take new pictures, not to transfer data back and forth, or as a place to store data that needs to be updated daily. Someone had figured out that if you take pictures every single day, your card will fail after two years. That still is a very long time.

 Posted on
 07/28/05 17:50.00
 JPN/US Cell phones..
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I'm planning to get a cell phone for use in Japan and US. Is it more cost-effective and practical to just get a Japanese one in Japan or to get one that can be used both in the US and Japan? I do know about the frequencies being different and all... If any of you actually got something to work, please let me know what model/spec you have and the service that you're using to achieve this. I am also a fan of region-free dvd players as I buy imported dvds once in awhile, so you pretty much know where I'm coming from. ^_^

This is some info that I found online so far:


 Posted on
 07/25/05 17:25.36
 Video Games.
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If any of the Hanasukai members enjoy video gaming in English and Japanese, I run a site here:


We're an independant group of video game reviewers that covers both the US and Japanese market. So, if you're looking for the next good game, check out the site, or ask me for a recommendation.
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