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 Posted on
 07/23/05 10:47.12
Do you J-POP and J-Dorama?
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Here's for all the fans of Japanese Entertainment.
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 Posted on
 12/26/06 01:06.56
 KouHaku UtaGassen '06
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Hey everyone, I just verified the upcoming KouHaku Utagassen programming, so stay tuned:


KSCI (Ch.18 for where I am living)
12/31 (New Year's Eve, Sunday)

For those who don't know what this is, it is a show that features a variety of JPOP(JROCK, JHIPHOP?, etc.) and ENKA artists performing their hits that made the charts in the past year.
 Posted on
 06/02/06 02:34.56
 Buy Dramas Out-of-Print..!
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You can order copies of some well-known Japanese dramas here. This is pretty invaluable, especially when they're no longer out for rent or purchase.

Lovejdorama aka LBHfan

 Posted on
 05/04/06 02:07.14
 J-Drama VHS Tape Giveaway!
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I will be giving away free tv-recordings of Japanese shows at the next Hanasukai as part of my inventory cleanup. I have official DVD counterparts since I have no need for English subtitles. If you are interested, please come by the next meeting. If there are more people interested in the same drama item, I will have some kind of raffling.
 Posted on
 03/30/06 04:17.30
 Great site for sampling J-POP tunes!
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Just like youtube.com, you might find this site handy when you're looking to go get that cd single/album at Kinokuniya!


...just another invaluable tool I would add to my music research!

 Posted on
 03/25/06 03:33.30
 Wikipedia for Japanese music..??
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So, the site is claimed to have been around since 2004, yet the information within it is well under development. It is nice to see detailed information on Japanese music culture through a clean, consistent, well-structured information window.

 Posted on
 03/20/06 21:33.28
 J-POP info and clips on the web..
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As a gaijin, it is hard to find solid information on mainstream J-POP. The following sites are pretty useful to research Japanese music.

For those who are interested in current J-POP chart, here's a reliable url that I occasionally check:

As for video clips, you can visit the following:

 Posted on
 08/26/05 00:34.27
 I("old school!")
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I found some old overseas cds with cool drama theme song titles from the time I started learning Japanese.

sorimachi takeshi~poison(gto)
kudo shizuka~in the sky(kamisama mousukoshi dake)
my little lover~destiny(with love)
hasegawa takashi~once in a blue moon(with love)
fukuyama masaharu~heart(meguri ai)
fukuyama masaharu~you(meguri ai)
kokia~aishiteiru kara(brothers)
zaitsu kazuo~saboten no hana(under the same roof)
le couple~hidamari no uta(under the same roof2)
nakashima miyuki~inochi no betsumei(seija no koushin)
nakashima miyuki~ito(seija no koushin)
matsutoya yumi~sunny day holiday(narita rikon)
sorimachi takeshi~forever(beach boys)
yen town band~swallowtail butterfly~ai no uta(saigo no koi)
ohtaki eiichi~shiawase no ketsumatsu(love generation)
cagnet~true true(love generation)
kubota toshinobu~la la la love song(long vacation)
cagnet~what will i do(long vacation)
oda kazumasa~tsutaetai koto ga arun da(saigo no koi)
sakai noriko~aoi usagi(hoshi no kinka)
sakai noriko~kagami no doresu(hoshi no kinka2)
nakayama miho~mirai he no purezento(oishii kankei)
dreams come true~love love love(aishiteiru to itte kure)
morita doji~bokutachi no shippai(koukou kyoushi)
fuji fumiya~true love(asunaro hakusho)
sens~kaze no you ni(asunaro hakusho)
oda kazumasa~rabu sutoorii ha totsuzen ni(tokyo love story)
hinata toshifumi~good evening heartache(tokyo love story)
chage and aska~say yes(101st proposal)
nishimura yukie~wakare no kyoku etude op13 no3(101st proposal)
 Posted on
 08/16/05 17:43.19
 JPOP single review: hamasaki/fairyland
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Fairyland: must-have, must-listen-to for ayu fans. If you didn't digest the music the first time around, WATCH THE DVD that comes w/ the package.. quite an eye opener.

The C/W, alterna, is also packaged w/ the music video. My first impression: Marilyn Manson is gonna have something to say about this ..

Overall Rating:
 Posted on
 08/16/05 17:34.53
 JPOP album review: globe/globe2
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Recommended album for globe fans. As always, it's different from previous albums. On this one, TK noticably dumbs down on his experimental horse to produce some decent tracks. My favorites are Here I am & Judgement. On expectation, Keiko gets into her high shrieking voice (no joke here) that resembles her vocal performance of FACES PLACES. All around, the album is easy to listen to. Within the credit section, there is a faint hint that Yoshiki has left the band.

Overall Rating:
 Posted on
 07/25/05 09:09.40
 RE: Do you J-POP and J-Dorama?
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Here's the DVD.


This site is generally where I go for my import movies, whether they be from Hong Kong or Japan. If Ken was enterprising, he'd set up an Associate Link and he could earn store credit, and set up a Movie night or something. :)

If you have a region-free DVD player, you should have no problem watching this. Alternately, you can try looking for it on Ebay.
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