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 Posted on
 07/23/05 10:48.15
Japanese: Vocab., Grammar, Idioms, etc.
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Post all Japanese language related-content here for the rest of us to review and comment.
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 Posted on
 04/20/06 13:28.12
 More Japanese Study Websites..
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日本語を勉強したい人の為に、 こんなのもあります。



 Posted on
 04/13/06 01:13.28
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*する(suru) is needed for the following emotion-onomatopeoia:
i.e. どきどきする

ほっと(hotto) → to feel relieved
わくわく(waku waku) → to be excited, nervous
いらいら(ira ira) → to feel nervous, irritated
どきどき(doki doki) → to be anxious, in heart-throbbing state
むっと(mutto) → to be annoyed, in a bad mood
がっかり(gakkari) → to feel upset, emotionally drained, let down
うっとり(uttori) → to be absent-minded, fascinated
じりじり(jiri jiri) → to be impatient
あっけらかんと(akkerakanto) → to be indifferent
うきうき(uki uki) → to be cheerful, buoyant
ひやひや(hiya hiya) → to be frightened/scared, chilly
 Posted on
 04/13/06 00:54.50
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*する(suru) is needed for the following pain onomatopeoia:
i.e. ぴりぴりする

ずきずき(zuki zuki) → throbbing pain
じいんと(jiinto) → numbing pain(may be from coldness)
がんがん(gan gan) → pounding headache
きりきり(kiri kiri) → sharp continuous pain
ぴりぴり(piri piri) → tingle, sting, tongue-burning pain
しくしく(shiku shiku) → griping pain
ちくちく(chiku chiku) → prickling pain
ひりひり(hiri hiri) → tingle, burning pain
 Posted on
 04/12/06 00:32.59
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  ケロケロ → 蛙(かえる)
  ワンワン → 犬(いぬ)
   ガオー → ライオン(らいおん)
ニャーニャー → 猫(ねこ)
ミーンミーン → 蝉(せみ)
   ヒヒーン → 馬(うま)
チューチュー → 鼠(ねずみ)
コケコッコー → オンドリ(おんどり)
   メーメー → 羊(ひつじ)
   ピヨピヨ → 雛(ひな)
  モーモー → 牛(うし)
   カーカー → 烏(からす)

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 Posted on
 11/30/05 14:07.19
 Online Japanese Dictionary
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Here is an extremely useful online dictionary for independent Japanese learners. I admit it's the best I've seen in terms of practicality, because the dictionary provides contextual reference to help verify vocabulary usage. I will archive this url on the links page as well. You need to have a Japanese-enabled browser and the ability to read hiragana and katakana to make good use of this invaluable resource.

 Posted on
 11/21/05 11:20.50
 Step Up Nihongo(SUN)
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Step Up Nihongo(SUN) is a new computer-aided learning for studying basic to practical business Japanese based in Tokyo by a company called ICI(Int'l Communication Institute). Try out the free demo and let us know what you think at the Hanasukai! Supporting textbooks for SUN are also available. This program is recommended by C. Cook.
 Posted on
 09/04/05 00:02.03
 Learn Practical Kanji Now: Rikai.com
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Here's a great way to start mastering your kanji-reading skills: Reading the news in Japanese with helpful rollovers on all the kanji characters.


For those who are Japanese, you can visit this URL instead:
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