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 Posted on
 01/18/06 17:54.34
Free Japanese Software, etc.
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Japanese-wares for your desktop, laptop, pocket pc.
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 Posted on
 09/17/06 17:21.49
 RE: Free Japanese Software, etc.(..)
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Wakan - FREE Japanese-Chinese-English editor, dictionary and translator for Windows. (More advanced than JWPce but there's no WinCE version released yet.) (Recommeded by Marlon)

Comments: I've tried this myself. I've been able to try the translation feature to get from Japanese to English, but there's no functionality to get from English to Japanese. (The Chinese feature is nice but I don't have any use for it.)
 Posted on
 01/18/06 17:57.21
 RE: Free Japanese Software, etc.(..)
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Here's a good source of downloads I googled out by accident.

For those wanting to help out, I'm trying to add Japanese language support to view Japanese websites on my portable. Has anyone gone this direction..?
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