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 Posted on
 09/12/06 08:48.04
AoiTori's Personal Thread
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This is my personal thread space. (It may or may not be related to the Hanasukai, but you may read up if you're interested anyway.)
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 Posted on
 01/17/07 15:28.10
 IT Positions available
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If you're around in OC and looking for an IT job in the Irvine/Lake Forest area, please contact me at info@hanasukai.com. The time window and positions available are limited, so please contact me as soon as possible.

 Posted on
 01/06/07 16:16.23
 Japan Trip
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Almost home from Japan.

I'm loaded with 7GB of pictures and videos so I'll be busy sorting through them when I get back. I'm in Hakata right now and about to go to Dazaifu.

Hope to see everyone at the next Hanasukai!

 Posted on
 09/12/06 08:48.32
 New Book: Being Just Me, Myself and I!
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My contract manager's daughter just released her first book on Amazon! (It is probably a great starter material for those wanting to learn English.)

Check it out!

Title: Being Just Me, Myself and I!
ISBN: 0805971890

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