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 Posted on
 08/09/05 14:12.29
Moving out sale? Needing 2nd-hand goods?
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Moving? Wanting to get rid of that TV or coffee-table? Post all your sellable items here! Also if you're needing used items to save some $, let us know!
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 Posted on
 10/29/17 23:13.01
 North Trail 26LRSS For Sale $23K-Anaheim
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fully-loaded/custom upgrades (inside):
- cable and satellite-ready (custom wire-hookups)
- custom dimmer switch above sofa and dining
- custom 2nd tv mounted in bedroom
- am/fm/cd audio and dvd video receiver with inside and outsider speakers
- stainless steel shower hose (originally plastic)
- lining installed on all shelves and cabinets

fully-loaded/custom upgrades (outside):
- hitch included (front) with under-mounted spare tire
- custom-mounted large, front carpetted storage box with batteries and custom switch
- electric-powered awning over the slideout
- electric-powered jacks stabilizers (when docking)
- slideout bumper rack
- carpetted extra under-compartment additional storage

Used only 7 times, LIKE NEW, and in full working condition.
Please call if interested: 714.404.8663
 Posted on
 05/15/06 01:05.03
 15" Monitor for SALE!
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I have a standard 15" CRT Monitor that works like new~no defect whatsoever.. Resolution goes up to 1024x768. Make me an offer at AoiTori.

 Posted on
 08/09/05 14:32.51
 Furniture for Sale!
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My wife and I are remodeling the downstairs, so we have to sell some of our furniture. It's in near mint condition!

Steel-top (wood legs) Dining Room Table 40x72, with six chairs. Like NEW! $300, or best offer.
Walnut (wood) Dining Room Table 38x65, with four chairs. Like NEW! $275.
IKEA cabinets, with glass doors & lights (TWO). Like NEW & assembled! $250/$75

(949) 786-2215
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