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 Recipe-Share!! - Posted By AoiTori on 08/14/05 01:39.53
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Submit recipes you would like to share w/ us. (This should have been the first topic after all the great BBQ potlucks we've had..)
 Moving out sale? Needing 2nd-hand goods? - Posted By AoiTori on 08/09/05 14:12.29
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Moving? Wanting to get rid of that TV or coffee-table? Post all your sellable items here! Also if you're needing used items to save some $, let us know!
 Anime Info, Events, etc. - Posted By AoiTori on 08/05/05 00:30.25
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Anime-related topics .. share them here!
 Funnies on the Internet - Posted By AoiTori on 07/28/05 20:10.25
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Post language-funnies you'd like to share w/ everyone here!
 How Do I Use this BBS? - Posted By AoiTori on 07/26/05 13:27.16
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Read up on this post if you want a quick walkthrough on how to use the NoH BBS System... 
Feel free to post any questions or comments.

Post Color Codes: - Whenever you are using a form to post a message, you are always composing a follow-up to the one in YELLOW (it's labeled Post:). - Follow ups(i.e., reply or translation) to the "Post:" are always in RED. - Messages displayed as part of the history (Entry Being Translated:, In Response To:, Original Post:) are always in GRAY. Posting a Message - When you want to post a message, you can either reply or translate it. + First, make sure the message you want to post a follow-up to is YELLOW. + Next, decide whether your follow-up will be a reply or a translation: * If you want to post a reply(which is the common case), make sure that the form you are
composing the message is entited Reply To This Post - If it's entitled "Translate this Post", you can switch over to the normal reply form by clicking (No, I want to reply to this post normally.) then compose your message. * If you want to post a translation(i.e. provide a translation to the YELLOW Post), make sure that the form you are composing the message is entitled Translate this Post. - If it's entitled "Reply to This Post", you can switch over to the translation form by clicking (I want to translate this post instead.) then compose your message. + When you are ready to post you might want to click the Preview button to make sure that it looks okay before you actually post the message. The system does some preprocessing on links and image tags if you intend to embellish your message with visuals or external links to pertinent content. + Post the message by hitting the Post button. Posting Tips: If you wish to have your image or pdf files hosted on this site to be used within your BBS entries, you may upload it to your account space, then reference it using 1) http:// notation, i.e. http://www.hanasukai.com/uploads/YOUR_ID/DOCUMENT.pdf 2) full <a href ..> html tag format: <a href="uploads/YOUR_ID/DOCUMENT.pdf">Click here to view my pdf document</a> (It essentially becomes Click here to view my pdf document) 3) full image tag format if you're trying to embed an image: <img src="uploads/YOUR_ID/YOUR_IMAGE.gif" width="50" height="50"> 4) The combination of 2) & 3) to create an image link, i.e.
 Job Postings/Availability - Posted By AoiTori on 07/26/05 11:25.58
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Looking to recruit someone? Available for work? Feel free to post job positions or employment availability here if you would like to expand your networking within the NoH community.
 Japanese: Vocab., Grammar, Idioms, etc. - Posted By AoiTori on 07/23/05 10:48.15
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Post all Japanese language related-content here for the rest of us to review and comment.
 Do you J-POP and J-Dorama? - Posted By AoiTori on 07/23/05 10:47.12
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Here's for all the fans of Japanese Entertainment.
 Technology-Related - Posted By AoiTori on 07/23/05 10:46.06
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Post topics on PCs, Cell phones, other technology here.
 Casual Group Meetups away from the NoH? - Posted By AoiTori on 07/23/05 08:51.05
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Feel free to post meeting arrangements here.
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