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 06/15/06 00:43.12
BBQ Potluck '06
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'06 BBQ Potluck Tentative Menu (7/8, Saturday, 11am-3pm)

Date: July 8th
Time: 11:00-15:00(*Area is gated so PLEASE SHOW UP EARLY
to rendezvous with the group.)
Place: South Lake Beach Club & Lagoon(same location as last
year's potluck)
Address: 2 Blue Lake, Irvine(Printable Map: Click here)
Admission: In general, bring a favorite dish. Please RSVP.
No drinks; we will bring our own drinks. If you decide
to arrive w/o a dish, please pay the admission fee.
(Though we strongly feel that you bring a dish since it is
All items brought must not contain glass.
No pets. No metal knives. No alcohol. If bringing children,
they need to be supervised at all times(i.e., risk of drowning).

Approximate Head Count as of Today: 27 adults + 2 children
 - potato salad(ポテト・サラダ) & veg. platter(野菜)/s.otoshi (1)
 - onigiri(おにぎり)/a.fujihara[h.berkの友] (1)
 - undecided appetizer dish(es?)/n.teshima (1)
 - salad(サラダ)/y.wakabashi (1.5)
 - green soybeans(枝豆)/b. (1)
 - fried dumpling(フライド・ダンプリング)/m.jiang (1)

 - shrimp veg. okonomiyaki(えびお好み焼き)/k.nguyen (1)
 - inari sushi(稲荷寿司)(x2)/m.misawa (2)
 - short ribs(ショート・リブ)/y.sonoyama (1)
 - marinated chicken, steak, charcoal, lighter fluid/b.burton (1)
 - bbq sausages(バーベキュー用のソーセージ)/h.sato (2)
 - bbq chicken(バーベキュー用のチキン)/k.tabacchi (2)
 - chicken wings(チキン・ウイング)/b.henry (2.5)
 - bbq beans & meat-veg. dish/j.pierrot (1)
 - bbq ribs/s.tsai (1)

 - jello(ゼリー)/r.iyota (1)
 - brownie+(ブラウニー以上)/h.berk (1)
 - fruits(果物)/r.utsunomiya (1)
 - watermelon/l. (1)
 - cheesecake or apple pie/(チーズケーキ又はアップル・パイ)/a. (1)
 - castella(?)/n.teshimaの友 (1)

 - water(水)/j.pierrot (1)

attending/no dish(?)
 - j.reynolds & y.reynolds (2) [dish tbd]

not attending
 - d.hoag, t.hoag (2)
 - m.iwohara (1)

Please contact AoiTori for more info or to RSVP a dish. Last updated 07/07, 10:19.
 Posted on
 07/07/06 00:21.57
How to Find 2 Blue Lake Online?
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Try this:

Map Link

Switch over to "Satellite" view and go to maximum magnification. You will see a large area of "white sand" abit off to the right. That is the South Lake Beach Club(2 Blue Lake--for some reason this address isn't locatable directly via online maps). The nearby elliptical parking lot is where you can park your car.

You can search 1 southwind, irvine, ca in Yahoo! Maps and then get personalized directions to get to the venue.


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