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 05/08/08 01:16.45
JCC Exchange Program
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Thanks to Yoshie, we would like to announce an opportunity to study and stay for a month in Japan
provided by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The only rare qualification to apply for this
program is that one or both of your parents need(s) to be either deceased or permanently disabled. You
will have to write an essay regarding the nature of your misfortune when you apply and provide legal
proof for this qualification.

The timeframe for the stay in Japan is July 19 - August 17, 2008. The deadline to apply for this is May 14th, 2008 at 17:00. The location (i.e. where in Japan you would be staying) is not specified.

For details please visit this link:

(There is a PDF application form link on the page if you wish to apply.)
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