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 Posted on
 06/09/13 00:15.21
'13 BBQ Potluck (7/13, 11-2pm)
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'13 BBQ Potluck Tentative Menu (7/13, Saturday, 11:00-14:00)

Date: July 13th
Time: 11:00-14:00(*Area is gated so PLEASE SHOW UP EARLY
to rendezvous with our group.)
Place: South Lake Beach Club & Lagoon(same location as last
year's potluck)
Address: 2 Blue Lake, Irvine(Printable Map: Click here)
Admission: In general, bring a favorite dish. (We anticipate grillable dishes since this is a BBQ event.) Please RSVP.
No drinks; we will bring our own drinks.
(Bringing just a bag of chips is not acceptable.) All items brought must not contain glass.
No pets. No metal knives. No alcohol. If bringing children,
they need to be supervised at all times(i.e., risk of drowning).

Approximate Head Count as of Today: 16 adults + 5 children
  • salad or fruit salad - d.smith
  • salad - y.sonoyama (also bringing food-ware)
  • veggies - l.livingston
  • fruits - f.yasokawa (+2 adults, +1 kid)
  • Respond directly to reserve a dish!
  • fried rice - sherry
  • hiroshima-style okonomiyaki - k.nguyen (+2, +4 adults, +3 kids,
    ** they will bring dishes)
  • ?pork shoga yaki OR Korean BBQ? - k.ushijima
  • chicken - b.burton (will bring BBQ accessories)
  • Respond directly to reserve a dish!
not attending

Please contact AoiTori for more info or to RSVP a dish. Last updated 07/13/2013.
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 Posted on
 07/12/13 18:28.20
 RE: '13 BBQ Potluck (7/13, 11-2pm)(..)
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Hi, I'll bring fruits.

I invited new comer from Japan (One family, husband, wife and baby), one American guy and Japanese lady.
They just arrived at LA, so they want to make friend here.
 Posted on
 07/11/13 00:15.05
 RE: '13 BBQ Potluck (7/13, 11-2pm)(..)
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I will be bringing some dessert.
Looking forward to see you.

Thank you.
 Posted on
 07/10/13 22:29.56
 RE: '13 BBQ Potluck (7/13, 11-2pm)(..)
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I'll be there, bringing vegetables.

Lew Livingston
 Posted on
 06/09/13 09:57.09
 RE: '13 BBQ Potluck (7/13, 11-2pm)(..)
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I will be attending the Potluck.

The Main Dish that I will be bringing is fried rice.

Thank you.
See you all at the BBQ.
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