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 Lagoon Potluck Pictures are up! - Posted By AoiTori on 07/27/02 07:30.59
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Lagoon Potluck Pictures are up! Thank all of you for being on time and for the wonderful Japanese dishes. We'll all meet again in September (UCI/Hitachi Bldg)!!

Phrase of the month: "on ni kiru" [lit. to wear the favor given by someone] to be deeply grateful

 Annual Summer Potluck Picnic - Posted By AoiTori on 06/22/03 07:38.11
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What: Annual Summer Potluck Picnic (話す会のピクニック)
Where: South Lake Beach Club & Lagoon
When: July 12th, 2003, 11 a.m. (Saturday) 2003年7月12日(土)午前11時
What to bring: A favorite dish. (Please check with Ken to confirm your dish.)
Why: Show appreciation to the native Japanese speakers who have contributed to helping us each month at the meetings.... and to have fun!

Main Dish (メイン) Saori/春巻き(Spring rolls)
Ahmed/ホットドッグ(Hot dog) (?)
Steve Tsai/(?)
Jacquie/ちらしずしかカレーライス (chirashizushi or curry rice)
Sung Yeun/韓国ロール(Korean rolls)

Nobby/ポテトサラダ(Potato salad)
Brian Burton/牛蒡(gobou)
Shunji/カエサルサラダ(Caesar salad)
Judy/中国のチキンサラダ(Chinese chicken salad)
Ahmed/アラビアディップ (Arabic dip)
Akiko/サラダと卵(Egg Salad)

Dessert (デザート)
Ken/ベトナムフラン(Vietnamese Flan)
Brian Bell/パイ(Pie) (?)
Hussam Jourdi/レバニーズスイーツ(Lebanese sweets)

* Please bring your own drinks. (自分の飲み物を持って来てください。) And, please be there on time -- the premises is gated and you would need to be let in by someone from inside. (時間を守ってください。ゲートがあるので、内側から誰かに開けてもらう必要があります。) If you have any general questions, or change you wish to make, or if you have not yet decided on what to bring and would like to let me know in advance, please email me at info@hanasukai.com. Thanks and hope to see everyone there!

PDF of event brochure (English & Japanese/英語と日本語)

PDF of event brochure (Japanese only/日本語)

 Lagoon Potluck Pictures are up! - Posted By AoiTori on 07/14/03 07:41.26
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Lagoon Potluck Pictures are up! Thank all of you for being on time and for the wonderful Japanese dishes. We'll all meet again in September (UCI/Hitachi Bldg)!!
(note: Yes, I copied and pasted this post....need to get some sleep! x_x)
 If there is anyone needing a car - Posted By AoiTori on 08/06/03 07:45.21
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If there is anyone needing a car, there is someone moving back to Japan needing to sell a used vehicle:

Toyota Tercel '91
120,000 mi

Email info@hanasukai.comfor details.

Phrase of the month: 光陰矢のごとし (kouinya no gotoshi) Life is short.

 Parking tickets - Posted By AoiTori on 10/12/03 07:49.05
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Hanasukai Members:

I apologize for the issuance of parking tickets during the last meeting.

I will do the utmost possible to have them cleared and also resolve the parking issue weeks in advance for the next meeting.

If you have any questions please email me.


Phrase of the month: okamainaku: please don't fuss over me

 US-Japan Expo 2003 - Posted By AoiTori on 11/09/03 07:54.37
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Hello everyone,

I forgot to announce that there is a US-Japan Expo 2003 coming up next weekend. If you have any interest in this type of event, you should definitely attend.

Event: Japan Expo 2003/US-Japan 150
- November 15th(Saturday) 10am-7pm
- November 16th(Sunday) 10am-6pm

Place: Los Angeles Convention Center, SOUTH HALL-G

General Admission: $10.00
Children under 11 years: Free

URL: http://www.japanexpo.org/

I thank all of you who could come today and I apologize for the difficulty in finding the HT Parking lot. I remember the days when I was a student there and I'd often come in late for class because the campus was always under construction.


Phrase of the month: gyaku gire: To go off on someone who goes gets angry at you

 New Year's Potluck Menu - Posted By AoiTori on 01/07/04 08:00.09
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正月ポットラックのメニュー/New Year's Potluck Menu

おいなり鮓 (ゆみこ)/o-inari zushi (Yumiko)<---CANCELED
お餅 (よしえ)/ o-mochi (Yoshie)
チリ・ビーンズ (めぐみ)/ chili beans (Megumi)
サラダ (しゅんじ)/salad (Shunji)
California Rolls (Minako)

ベング・クーン (ケン)/ banh cuon (Ken)
キンピラ (ブライヤン)/ kinpira (Brian)
? (ジョアン)/ ? (Joanne)
Fried Thin Noodles (Steve)

チーズケーキ (じゅんこ)/cheesecake (Junko)
くだもの (てつや)/ fruits (Tetsuya)
? (ハンクとスザン)/ ? (Hank and Susan)

(If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you and please welcome the coming New Year!)



Phrase of the month: (Idiom this time) shiri ga karui onna - a flirtatious woman

 Conversation Program from Tetsuya - Posted By AoiTori on 01/30/04 08:03.11
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minasan mata konnichiwa! Tetsuya has introduced an interesting conversation program which may be of interest to anyone wanting to do language exchange on a personal basis. Tetsuya-san, arigatou! application form here.

Phrase of the month: futogoro ga sabishii: to be short of money (lit. one's pocket is lonely)

 Kris and I are back from Japan! - Posted By AoiTori on 04/11/04 08:05.51
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konnichiwa. Kris and I are back from Japan!
Here are photos from my solo trip, visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, and Hakone. As soon as Kris can get his pictures up I will post up his link here as well!

Phrase of the month: mottainai - wasteful. "what a waste! (of something)"

 Nat'l Japanese Lang. HS Speech Contest - Posted By AoiTori on 05/09/04 08:09.50
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National Japanese Language High School Speech Contest

May 22, 2004 (Saturday) 1:00PM at Hitachi Chemical Research Center Hall
same place as Hanasukai (Please call Yoshie if someone want to come 949-262-0869)

This is presented by Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation & National Council of Japanese Language Teachers, Japanese Consulate General, JETRO, UCI Japanese American Association,ETC.

UCI の スピーチコンテストはPUBLIC OPEN ではないかもしれないので、興味のある人は 連絡ください。

Phrase of the month: namete kakaru - to take someone or something lightly.

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