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  • Businesses Endorsed by the Nihongo o Hanasukai
    • Eastwind Import - All your Japanese import Jazz CD buying needs is finally here!

  • Japanese Social Networking
    • Mixi (in Japanese only) - Online Japanese community*. Start your own blog & find people w/ similar Japanese interests! (Recommended by Yumiko)
      *Intermediate-level Japanese is minimal (for reading & writing).

  • Education Abroad Programs
    • JET Program - Japan program that invites foreign human resources to take the opportunity for exposure of living in Japan while helping Japan to acheive the goal of mutual understanding of all countries by filling special job positions related to teaching and other assistance currently in demand.

  • Japanese Culture, Travel, Entertainment and Online Shopping
    • Let's travel around Japan - Introduction to hundreds of sightseeing locations in Japan and information about staying in Japan, Japanese food and Japanese culture. (Highly recommended by AoiTori)
    • TOKYO Panarama Pages - Check out these spectacular images of Tokyo! 360-degree auto-panning shots too! kakkoii! (Highly recommended by AoiTori)
    • J-List - Purchase Japanese imports from Japanese Study aids to Music CDs to Japanese DVD Players to Imported Snacks! Wow! (Recommended by AoiTori)
    • YesAsia.com - Buy Japanese CDs and DVDs online. (Recommended by Clayton)
    • CDJapan.co.jp - Second way to get Japanese CDs and DVDs online.
    • Amazon.co.jp - Third way to get Japanese CDs and DVDs online.
    • Viz Media - Website for popular domestic Anime releases, such as Naruto, Conan, Inuyasha, Maison Ikoku, etc. (Recommended by Yoshie)
    • Mangajin - Japanese-language magazine subscription, which had made its success in the 90s, now returns to business as "E-Zine." Great for Japanese language study oriented toward nonnative speakers. Check it out! (Recommended by Brian)
    • Shonen Jump - Popular Japanese magazine subscription, domestically adopted by Viz Comics. Great source for online comic subscription. Content is generally translated in English, but Japanese subscription is also available. (Recommended by Yoshie)
    • Fansub page - English-subbed Japanese anime.

  • Japanese Language Self-Learning Tools
    • SpaceAlc Japanese Dictionary - Online English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionary. (Recommended by Rei)
    • Step Up Nihongo(SUN) - New computer-aided learning for studying basic to practical business Japanese based in Tokyo by a company called ICI(Int'l Communication Institute). Try out the free demo and let us know what you think at the Hanasukai! Supporting textbooks for SUN are also available. (Recommended by C. Cook)
    • Japanese to English Online Dictionary - quick & online. (Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server)
    • Wakan - FREE Japanese-Chinese-English editor, dictionary and translator for Windows. (More advanced than JWPce but there's no WinCE version released yet.) (Recommeded by Marlon)
    • JED - Offline Japanese-English Dictionary for your Android phone. (Thanks to M.Field)
    • JWPce - FREE Japanese word-processor for Windows and WinCE!
    • Other Japanese-Related Softwares - get NJWIN and other great enhancements for your English Windows.


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