--Nihongo o Hanasukai-- 
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This is the easiest way to get to the HCR Lecture Hall. (Updated 02/14/06)
1. Go South on the 73, turn left at the Bison exit ramp towards UCI.
2. Go straight, passing the first signal and the UCI cornerstone.
3. Pass the second signal(California Rd.) and prepare to turn left.
4. Turn left at Health Sciences, and prepare to make another quick left.
5. Carefully make a quick left at this T-intersection.
6. Follow the curved path until you see the "Lot HT" signpost.
7. Once you see the "Lot HT" signpost, turn right into the first parking aisle(EAST AISLE).
8. Park anywhere. The best place is farthest down the aisle, which is closest to the Plumwood House(i.e., where the white car is parked as shown). Display a dated permit on your dashboard, lock up your vehicle, and walk North along the curved road for about 2 mins to get to the Plumwood House.
9. When you display your permit, make sure it has the correct date and is placed on the driver side(as shown above). If you forget your permit, you can buy a standard UCI parking permit (there is a fair hourly-rate) from the permit kiosk and park in the Zone 2 Lot (see Zone 2 in the UCI parking map).
10. As you walk along the curved road, the Plumwood House will be to your left. You will see the "Nihongo o Hanasukai" sign posted on the glass door that leads to the Lecture Hall, first door to your left.
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